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Marco Fajardo - musician

Marco Antonio Fajardo, was born in 1977.

He began his musical studies empirically having contact with electric bass and guitar, then he began studying clarinet under the guidance of Jairo Peña Alcides Jauregui , Gustavo Gomez and Christopher Jepperson at the Javeriana University of Bogota where he obtained a degree in master of music with emphasis on clarinet's interpretation.

As a performer and teacher he belonged to the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, moreover, he was a member of the Symphonic Band of Cundinamarca and the Orchestra of the Javeriana University . Alongside his conventional studies, he started a period of interpretation and research in colombian folk clarinet, saxophone and improvisation.

Stood out as a versatile performer with a particular improvisational language , he recorded with groups like Asdrubal , Primero mi tia, Papaya Republik , Tumbacatre , Tangare, Caida Libre, Palanca, El ombligo, Cielomama, Frente Cumbiero and Ondatrópica, in some of these he also participated as composer and with several of these groups he has performed at important music festivals all around the world such as Roskilde Festival, Chicotropico Festival, House of World Cultures in Berlin , Museum of Modern Art in New York and Lincoln Center.

The track " Birds" was selected for a compilation on the new Colombian jazz MTM , he also did musical editions and composed original theater and animation music, Bicentennial and animations work as Totem Forest are an example.

He's currently working on an original composition based on the Colombian tropical music

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